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International Organization seeks to publish the best and most innovative scholarly manuscripts available on international political and economic relations. A study that does not emphasize any international (or cross-border) phenomenon—for example, as a major cause or effect—falls outside the journal’s domain. Additionally, IO features articles that contribute to the improvement of general knowledge or empirical theory defined broadly. Although we may publish a manuscript designed to propose a solution to a current world problem, we prefer to publish those that also apply theoretical ideas and findings or address general questions debated in scholarly publications.

Our online editorial system called Editorial Manager receives all submissions to IO. To submit a paper you’ll have to create a profile there: log on as an author, click on “Submit a Manuscript,” and follow the on-line instructions. You will be asked to upload an anonymous version of the manuscript and later approve an anonymous PDF file that will be sent to your Editorial Manager author page.  This should take only a few minutes.  Once you open the PDF and then approve it for review,  the editorial office will be notified of your submission.

Please note: IO continues to publish original articles only. Authors should refrain from submitting articles that have been published elsewhere, either in whole or in substantial part. IO will also not accept manuscripts for review that are concurrently sent for review to other journals. Articles containing quantitative data sets should specify in detail procedures that will provide access to those data sets, permit independent assessments of reliability, and enable the replication of associated tests. The same principle applies to qualitative data gathered, for example, from interviews conducted under open terms of attribution. Submissions cannot exceed 14,000 words, including references and footnotes. Authors should follow the detailed style guidelines published annually in the Winter issue of the journal. Those guidelines are also available here.

In general, we ask authors to omit self-references. Your identity should not be revealed explicitly or implicitly on any page of the manuscript; for example, showing five of your writings in the reference list will be a potent clue to most reviewers. We recommend citing these sources simply as “author” in the footnotes and omitting them from the reference list. On occasion, we may determine that the use of “author” does more to reveal than obscure your identity – in these cases we will ask to to reinsert self-citations and resubmit the article. If fuller information might bear significantly on the manuscript’s acceptability, mention such information in separate comments to the editors. For detailed instructions, see the contributor guidelines.

Questions regarding the manuscript submission process should be sent to our office. Authors can check on the status of their manuscript by checking their author page in Editorial Manager.


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