Review Essays

IO publishes high-quality review essays that survey new developments in a particular area of study, synthesize important ideas, and raise key issues for future scholarship. These review essays can be but need not be explicit reviews of a series of recently published books. A review essay must be agenda-setting and cannot just be reflective of existing literature.

Authors are encouraged to submit full review essays to Editorial Manager just like any other article. However, there is the option for prospective authors to submit a ten-page, double-spaced proposal detailing the body of research to be covered and the main themes to be explored. Promising proposals will be sent to two referees. On the basis of their reviews, which will be sent anonymously to the author, the editors will write a decision letter. In the event of a positive decision, the letter will outline expectations for the essay to be drafted. The completed essay must be submitted within six months, and it will have the same word limit as any other article. The final decision to publish, made by the editors, will be based on the author’s success in meeting the expectations communicated by the editors. No further external review will be required.